Time Tracking and Attendance Management through HR and Payroll Software

Payroll Software offers lots of advantages to the small as well as a big business organization which allow building a strong relationship between employee and business management. We at XS Infosol are one of the best HR and Payroll Software Solution Service Provider which works according to the demand and request of the clients. Our main objective is to produce quality service for the HR Management which includes almost all things which are required to run business organisations.

The Software includes various things like employee management, Attendance Management, Salary Management, Payroll management. We have Successfully established our Foothold in the sector of Information technology and we have delivered spectacular software services to our clients.

Here are the features for HR management you are looking for

1. Performance Evolution
2. Employee Scheduling
3. Time Tracking & Attendance Management
4. Recruiting and Applicant Tracking
5. Learning Management
6. Payroll Management
7. Analytics and Reporting

Why Hire XS Infosol for HRM Development?

We have skilled and knowledgeable software developer which are well familiar with advanced technologies and features. They applied the best tools and techniques to design and develop custom software for HR management, Bandwidth Management, Billing Management and many more. We follow the rules and guidelines of SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle) which allow building robust and secure software.
We fully work according to the phase of the software development lifecycle. It includes

1. Requirements analysis
2. Documentations
3. Designing
4. Coding
5. Testing
6. Maintenance
Our software developers also start doing work by analysis the requirements of the clients to meet the needs and requirements. Then we prepare documentation in which we collect the required information and development tools by which the software is being created. Designing is one of the important technology for software which makes it attractive. We at Nanoarch software solutions have experienced designers which design the software by using the technologies like HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript and much more.