Eric LaMont Gregory publishes 2nd edition of best selling book, The Hour of Maximum Danger

The Hour of Maximum Danger is an executive summary on the containment of radical Islamic violence first written for the Bush Administration at the beginning of GW Bush’s second term of office in 2005.

The Hour of Maximum Danger has proved to be nothing less than prophetic.

The executive summary began with this dire warning:

​”It is perhaps evident since the events of 11 September 2001, that there are few more pressing problems facing the American people and our allies than the war being waged against us by individuals and groups under the banner of Islam. Unless this problem is addressed properly it will be a constant menace to our society well into the foreseeable future.”

Although The Hour of Maximum Danger was written unapologetically for the upper chamber occupants of the American executive, intelligence and security apparatus, the author has not lost sight of the enduring wisdom that a well informed citizenry is our best defense against terror, ultimately.

Naturally, this author continued to communicate with the Obama Administration, in particular emphasizing that US and allied forces would have to be in situ, that is, our forces would have to be stationed for an indeterminate amount of time in some of the most troublesome areas of advancing Islamic militancy to quell its forward progress.

Unfortunately, that reasoning was ignored largely. And Interestingly, the assessment of that intelligence was undertaken by the very intelligence and security experts that now head those services.

The ultimate goal of releasing the updated executive summary, at this juncture, is to inform the new Trump Administration. The history of the intervening years since its first publication stands as testament that the core essential approach to contain, counter and inevitably defeat radical Islamic terrorism still apply fundamentally.

This author can but hope that the recent raid on the headquarters of Al Qaeda in the Yemen, in which one US soldier died, is not indicative of how President Trump intends to achieve his stated goal — to eradicate completely radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the Earth.

​The principal feature of the communications with the Obama Administration concerned the unavoidable fact that in order to contain radical Islamic terrorism, our forces will be required be in place for an indeterminate period of time, just as this author had put forward a case for the Bush Administration to come to appreciate that they should be prepared to have troops in place for decades, in several key locations.

Whereas, the national security and intelligence apparatus at that time, both in the US and the UK, appreciated this author’s suggestion. Notwithstanding, at the same time, they jointly and severally concluded that having troops in place for decades, given the inordinate amount of human and material resources that were being brought to bear against radical Islam, terrorism from that source could not, in their considered opinion, continue to be a threat for another decade, no less for multiple decades into the future.

And, therefore it was their conclusion that a multiple decades-long strategy albeit compelling, was simply not warranted.

That was twelve years ago.